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Key Learning Areas (Biology)

Aims and Objectives

Our teaching aims to provide learning experiences through which students will:

  1. acquire knowledge and understanding of basic biological principles and concepts, and appreciate the relationship between biological science and other disciplines;
  2. understand how scientific knowledge is derived, keep abreast of modern advances, appreciate the scientific thoughts and efforts of the individuals who contributed to these advances and the impacts of such advances on humans;
  3. apply biological knowledge to daily life, evaluate its impact on and implications for the living world, and develop a critical mind to make informed judgements and decisions;
  4. develop an inquiring mind, the skills and attitudes for scientific investigation, and the ability to apply knowledge to solve problems and to communicate effectively with others using the language of science;
  5. develop an interest in the study of biological science, and a commitment to a healthy life;
  6. develop an appreciation of the wonders of the living world and a respect for all living things.