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Key Learning Areas (Chemistry)

Aims and Goals

Study of chemistry enables a student to:

  1. understand the nature of science and scientific knowledge as a unique way of knowing;
  2. understand and accurately apply appropriate science concepts, principles, laws, and theories in interacting with society and the environment;
  3. use processes of science in solving problems, making decisions, and furthering understanding;
  4. understand and appreciate the joint enterprises of science and technology and the interrelationships of these to each other in the context of society and the environment;
  5. develop numerous manipulative skills associated with science and technology, especially with measurement;
  6. interact with the various aspects of society and the environment in ways that are consistent with the values that underlie science; and,
  7. develop a unique view of technology, society, and the environment as a result of science education, and continue to extend this interest and attitude throughout life.

The study of science should help students to understand the world in which they live. The objective is not just to have students be able to repeat the words that teachers or others use to describe the world. It is to have students create their own conceptual maps of what surrounds them every day and revise their concepts through investigation. As responsible citizens, scientifically literate individuals are able to exercise their freedom by basing economic and political decisions on their insights into science.