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Key Learning Areas (English Literature)

Curriculum Aims:

The aims of the Literature in English curriculum are to enable learners to:

  1. appreciate and enjoy a wide range of literary or creative texts and other related cultural forms;
  2. develop their capacity for critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, personal growth, empathy and cultural understanding;
  3. enhance their awareness of the relationship between literature and society;
  4. develop a greater sensitivity to and control over the nuances of the English language; and be adequately prepared for areas of further study or work, where qualities promoted in the study of literature, such as creativity, critical thinking and intercultural understanding, are highly valued.

Characteristics of our School-based Curriculum:

Our literature curriculum is tailored to the needs of our students, with the following characteristics:

  1. Literature is offered to all students in the junior forms to allow an opportunity for everyone to learn about this important art form.
  2. Our curriculum stresses on a balanced exposure to basic literature genres including poetry, prose, drama and film.
  3. Modern, non-abridged texts are used to allow students to experience and study authentic English.
  4. Artistic creation in the form of poetry writing, drama performance or film production is encouraged to stretch the potentials of our students.