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Key Learning Areas (English Language)

St. Clare’s Girls’ School places great emphasis on maintaining a high standard of English for the students.

To prepare students for the New Secondary School curriculum, the eight elective modules are introduced to Form One students throughout the year. By familiarizing students with the different elements in each module, students’ interests in each module could be developed. Form Two students will revisit and work more on one to two modules and Form Three students will review and work more in-depth on two other modules.

Different activities are organized for students; please refer to the English Society for detailed information. Students are encouraged to take part in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and training in the different classes is provided by English teachers outside of regular class time.

For teachers’ professional development, aside from joining in-school staff development days, teachers also enroll in out-of-school seminars, workshops and courses in the areas of English teaching, SBA and NSS. In addition, teachers carry out peer observation of lessons and co-teach to share experience and try out new ideas of teaching.

Special Programmes:

  1. Summer Bridging Course
    This is held for new Form One students at the end of August to familiarize students in having lessons in English. Students have Mathematics, Geography, History, Economics and Science lessons with native English-speaking teachers.
  2. After-school remedial classes
    These are held for Forms One to Three students throughout the school year. Students get extra practice in what is taught in the regular lessons and emphasis is put on oral activities.
  3. Poetry / Drama Performance and Drama Workshop
    These are held for Forms One students to prepare them for NAS and the English Literature Inter-class Drama Competition.