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Key Learning Areas (Liberal Studies)


“Liberal Studies” is designed to help liberate the minds of our students by having them study wide range of issues that have impact on their daily lives, and in the process requiring them to take a fresh look at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China as a whole and the wider world.

The primary aim of the subject is therefore to help students to develop skills that are characteristics of a well-educated person.

The topics specified in the syllabus are a means to this all-important end and the learning of content related to them is not an end in itself.

Topics taught by our school are Human Relationship and Environmental Studies.

Teaching strategies

Our teachers of Liberal Studies will adopt strategies that will promote enquiry and research, communication and co-operation using activities like group discussion, mind-mapping, graphic organizers , debate, role play, brain-storming, projects and the like.

Interaction between teachers and students and among students themselves is essential to promote interflow of ideas and reflective thinking.