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Key Learning Areas (Visual Arts)


This subject aims at developing students’ capabilities in Visual Arts through continual enhancement in the ability of art creation and appreciation.


  1. To develop students’ artistic vision so that they can respond intellectually and affectively to visual forms they encounter in the environment.
  2. To nurture students’ creativity and to promote aesthetic development for the enrichment of life
  3. To cultivate students’ critical thinking through observation, analysis and evaluation of visual forms
  4. To develop students’ abilities in problem solving and decision making through the creation of art

Learning and teaching strategies

  1. Demonstration and questioning
  2. Experimental learning
  3. Problem solving
  4. Reading to learn
  5. Portfolios, sketchbooks, journals
  6. Group discussion and group work
  7. Promotion of moral, civic and environmental education
  8. Organization of extracurricular activities

Activities and Achievements

  1. Students had genuine zeal for art and they had achieved good results in the Public Exam.
  2. Throughout the school year, students are responsible for the overall decoration of the school’s annual events such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Parents’ Day, Open Day, Graduation Day etc.
  3. In order to broaden the students’ artistic vision and arouse their interest, art workshops, visits to artists’ studio and various exhibitions had been arranged.
  4. Besides paying visits to exhibitions, the students had joined in various art activities and competitions. They learned a lot in the activities and some of them had great achievements.