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Class Patron Saints

Classes are named after patron saints in Catholic Church in the hope that students can be inspired by their virtues and faith to the Lord to live their life to the fullest.

Patron saints of each level are categorized as follows:

S1: Little girls of sacrifice

S2: Archangels & a Martyrs

S3: Martyrs & Mystics

S4: Founders of Religious Congregations

S5: Gospel Writers

S6: Apostles

St. Agnes (1A)
Feast Day:
January 21
St. Bernadette (1B)
Feast Day:
April 16
St. Maria Goretti (1M)
Feast Day:
July 6
St. Rose of Lima (1R)
Feast Day:
August 23
St. Agnes
St. Bernadette
St. Maria Goretti
St. Rose of Lima

St. Gabriel (2G)
Feast Day:
September 29
St. Michael (2M)
Feast Day:
September 29
St. Raphael (2R)
Feast Day:
September 29
St. Stephen (2S)
Feast Day:
December 26
St. Gabriel
St. Michael
St. Raphael
St. Stephen

St. Joan of Arc (3J)
Feast Day:
May 30
St. Lucy (3L)
Feast Day:
December 13
St. Margaret Mary (3M)
Feast Day:
October 17
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus (3T)
Feast Day:
October 1
St. Joan of Arc
St. Lucy
St. Margaret Mary
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

St. Augustine (4A)
Feast Day:
August 28
St. Benedict (4B)
Feast Day:
July 11
St. Dominic (4D)
Feast Day:
August 8
St. Francis of Assisi (4F)
Feast Day:
October 4
St. Augustine
St. Benedict
St. Dominic
St. Francis of Assisi

St. John (5J)
Feast Day:
December 27
St. Luke (5L)
Feast Day:
October 18
St. Mark (5M)
Feast Day:
April 25
St. Matthew (5T)
Feast Day:
September 21
St. John
St. Luke
St. Mark
St. Matthew

St. Andrew (6A)
Feast Day:
November 30
St. James (6J)
Feast Day:
July 25
St. Paul (6Pa)
Feast Day:
June 29
St. Peter (6Pe)
Feast Day:
June 29
St. Andrew
St. James
St. Paul
St. Peter