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The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)
School Managers of the IMC
Ms. Wong She Lai, ShirleySupervisor, Chairperson
Mrs. Chan Wong Pik YuPrincipal, Ex-Officio
Sr. Nancy MakSSB
Mrs. Chan Cheung Yee Ling, GraceSSB
Mr. Chow Pin Yeung, ValSSB
Mrs. Kwok Wong Si Ling, CelinaSSB
Ms. Yuen Lai Mei, SusanaSSB
Mrs. Liu Tam Yuen King, AmySSB
Sr. Margaret HoSSB - Alternate
Dr. Joseph LeeIndependent
Ms. Cheung Oi Man, AmeliaAlumni
Ms. Wong Lai Yin PaulaTeacher
Ms. Ng Siu Ling GiselleTeacher - Alternate
Mr. Fu Lai YinParent
Mr. Lai Wing Keung JoshuaParent - Alternate

*SSB: School Sponsoring Body (The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels)