Upcoming Events and Activities Organised by the Careers Guidance Committee (2015-2016)
 DateEvent/ActivityTarget Students
18 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Leadership Qualities & Training I: Goals & Aspiration + Development of OLE (Hall)All S4 students
28 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Leadership Qualities & Training: Goals & Aspiration and Development of OLE (Hall)All S5 students
38 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Goals & Aspirations I: JUPAS & Multiple pathways (216)All S6 students
415 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Knowing oneself- strengths & weaknesses; goal setting (216 + Classrooms)All S1 students
515 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Goal Setting: PIE (Hall)All S4-S5 students
615 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Class Teacher Period I: JUPAS (Classrooms)All S6 students
722 Sep 2015WPD lesson: Career Guidance: Employability (SAC)All S4 students
86 Oct 2015WPD lesson: Goals & Aspirations II: JUPAS & multiple pathways (Classrooms + Conference Rm)All S6 students
93 Nov 2015WPD lesson: Goals & Aspirations III: JUPAS & multiple pathways CG (216)All S6 students
1024 Nov 2015WPD lesson: Career & Studies (SAC)All S3 students
111 Dec 2015WPD lesson: Goals & Aspirations IV: JUPAS & multiple pathways (216)All S6 students
128 Dec 2015WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: the working world (SAC + Classroom)All S2 students
155 Jan 2016WPD lesson: Etiquette & Manners I (216)All S6 students
1612 Jan 2016WPD lesson: Decision Making: University Life & Culture (216)All S6 students
1719 Jan 2016WPD lesson: Career Expo: Preparation (ILC)All S5 students
1823 Feb 2016WPD lesson: Career & Studies: Subject Selection (ILC)All S3 students
211 Mar 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: Work ethics & workplace (Covered Playground)All S4-S5 students
2215 Mar 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: Subject selection (216)All S3 students
233 May 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: Work & Studies (216)All S1 students
243 May 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: Making informed choices (ILC)All S3 students
2510 May 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: The working world (Classrooms)All S2 students
2624 May 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: The working world (Classrooms)All S2 students
2724 May 2016WPD lesson: Career & Life Planning: Career aspirations (216)All S5 students
282 Oct 2015 till 30 Nov 2015Individual Consultation Session of JUPAS and Multiple PathwaysAll S6 students
2917 Oct 2015CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduates Admission 2015 (24 October 2015) Admission Talk of Bachelor of Nursing Programme Priority EnrollmentInterested S6 students (10)
3022 Oct 2015HKUST Business School Admission Talk at St Clare's Girls' SchoolInterested S6 students (22)
31Early NovHKUST School of Engineering Exploration Day and Interview (2016 Entry)Interested S6 students (2)
325 Nov 2015CUHK Admission Consultation Session at St. Clare's Girls' School Interested S6 students (80)
3326 Sep 2015Talk on NAS and Career Planning on S2 Parents DayInterested S2 parents and students (70)
3426 Sep 2015Talk on Senior Secondary Elective Subject Selection and Career Planning on S3 Parents DayAll S3 parents and students
35Early Dec 2015S6 University Interview Mock PracticeAll S6 students
3617 Oct 2015City U Briefing Seminar for SAAS 2016-2017Interested S6 students (2)
3712 Dec 2015Rotary Mock Interview Workshop for S4-S6Interested students (7 S5)
3822 Nov 2015EDB BSPP- Canon Photo Marathon 2015 Student Ambassador ProgrammeInterested students (4 S5)
3921 Nov 2015EDB-BSPP - BSPP-Joint Professional Career Day 2015Interested S4-S6 students (3 S5)
4021 Nov 2015Talk on Multiple Pathways for S5 parentsInterested S5 parents
4111 Dec 2015Talk on Multiple Pathway and EAPP with alumni sharingAll S6 students
4228 Jan 2016Visit of HK Education and Career Expo 2016All S5 students
437 May 2016EDB-BSPP Careers Expo 2016 (May 7, 2016)Interested S4-S5 students
449 April 2016CUHK Academic Planning Day for Secondary 5 StudentsInterested S5 students