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Community Services

Community Services Committee

Community service is an integral part of Other Learning Experiences (OLE). The committee has adopted a structured and developmental approach to nurturing students’ loving and caring hearts, putting ideals into actions and providing platforms for them to grow through service. We start to sow the seeds of caring for the community of students with the Bright Light Project for Secondary 1 to 3. This project is named after the school patron saint St. Clare which means bright light. It is hoped that students are able to model themselves upon St. Clare to mirror God’s love to the needy.

Having had some experiences of rendering community service and developing the attitude and skills required, the Service Learning Projects for Secondary 4 and 5 are student-led. They choose their service target groups, get to know about them and design tailor-made service programmes. Class teachers and parent volunteers work alongside them to provide guidance and advice when needs arise.

To acknowledge students’ contributions to community service, their service hours of voluntary work are recorded in the “Volunteer Movement” organized by the Social Welfare Department. In doing voluntary work, students learn and use generic skills. They also learn about the needs of the disadvantaged and they grow to be more mature through rendering community service.